Women's Furs

For over 120 years, Henig Furs has offered the finest quality, luxurious fur coats for men, women, and children. The unmatched feel of mink, bobcat, fox, beaver, rabbit, lynx, chinchilla and sable furs has elevated our large variety of beautiful coats and jackets in order to bring our customers what they most desire: everyday comfort combined with gorgeous style.

High Quality Furs

Henig Furs only manufactures the highest-quality fur coats. Since fur coats are not machine washable, the Henig company stands by our beautiful products and will happily assist our customers with any service or repair. We have created a successful business over the years by listening to our customers, providing fun, fashionable fur coats, and assisting customers to restyle old jackets into stunning, new styles they're proud to wear.

Real Fur Coats

While there are endless beautiful women's fur coats to choose from, Henig Furs also offers many types of fur coats, including men's styles, children's furs and accessories, and home decor textiles like our beautiful fur blankets. We proudly deliver fashionable products for every budget and taste.

Owning a real fur coat can become a reality with the many beautiful women's furs Henig Furs has created especially for you. Our coats have many price ranges and we offer special purchasing plans for those interested. Layered styles, convertible length-styles and furs of all colors are yours for the taking. Gorgeously sheen, authentic and excellently created, owning a real fur coat will elevate your entire wardrobe.

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